The authors of the best essays on "My Schuman Declaration" are clear

We received dozens of works from all over Bulgaria for the essay competition announced by the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation on the topic "My Declaration of Schumann". The competition is one of the activities of the project "Schuman's NEW Declaration - a generational conversation about a NEW Europe", on which the foundation is working together with partners from Greece, Spain and Poland.
The works received are from 10 cities in Bulgaria - Pleven, Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Sliven, Silistra, Vidin, Dimitrovgrad, Lom.
Usually more active were students aged 14 to 18, who demonstrated in their texts awareness, clear position and vision, which is not inferior to older participants aged 19 to 29 years.
The essay and drawing competition, dedicated to the Schuman Declaration and 70 years since its adoption, has achieved its goal of returning today's young Europeans to their "roots". The authors of the essays are acquainted with the Robert Schuman Declaration and its effect, they are well aware of how connected we are, regardless of which European country we live in, and that our daily decisions, successes or failures depend not only the personal future of each person, as well as the common direction and prosperity of the countries in the European Union.
You will learn what topics and problems young Bulgarians pose in their "declarations" from the texts of the essays ranked first, which we publish below.
All participants will receive diplomas in the mail, and those who have won prizes - and vouchers for books from the bookstore "Ciela", worth: for the first place - BGN 50, for the second place - BGN 30, for the third place - BGN 20, for promotion - BGN 10.

Here are the names of the winners.

In the first age group:
First place
Ivana Georgieva , 18 years old, Sports School "Georgi Benkovski" -Pleven, XII "B" class
Second place
Giovanna Cole, 16 years old, PGPZE "Zachary" Stoyanov "- Sliven - Simona Slavkova, 15 years old, NUMSI" Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas, X“ A ”class
Third place
Katerina Gulova, 17 years old, EG“ Ivan Vazov ”- Plovdiv, XI“ Z ”class
Diana Margaritova, 15 years old, Atanas Burov Secondary School - Silistra, VIII "A" class

In the second age group:
First place
Delyan Balev , 24 years old, from Dimitrovgrad, student at St. Petersburg State University, majoring in International Relations
Second place
Polina Dyankova, 21, from Varna, student at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", specialty "Law", 3rd year
Third place
Boryana Georgieva, 28 years old, from Vidin - Encouragement - Dalia Davidkova, 20 years old , from Sofia, student at UNWE, majoring in Law
Denitsa Mihailova, 28, from Sofia

Congratulations to the winners!

Important! Expect the results of the DRAWING COMPETITION