Project „NEW Schuman Declaration - Cross-Generational
Conversation about a NEW Europe“


Проект „НОВА декларация на Шуман – разговор на поколенията за НОВА Европа“ (NEW Schuman Declaration – Cross-Generational Conversation about a NEW Europe)
Acronym: nEU dec
Programme: "Europe for Citizens"
Direction: "European memory"
No.: 618207-CITIZ-1-2020-1-BG-CITIZ-REMEM
Duration: 18 месеца
Started/Finished: 01.02.2021 – 31.07.2022

EDUCOMMART – Meeting Point for Creative Education, GR

Project „NEW Schuman Declaration - Cross-Generational Conversation about a NEW Europe“ aims to generate ideas for the future of the European Union. It will connect the past and the present to give young Europeans a powerful tool for building the future. Today, it is more important than ever for European citizens, and especially young people, to know the principles on which the European Union is built, what it does and how it works for them. The generation whose representatives survived the tragedies of the 20th century and built the European Community is leaving. The peers of the Schuman Declaration are 70 years old and most of them are out of active life. But through their personal memories, they can explain to their young fellow citizens the main historical events, driving forces and goals that shaped the modern EU.


Project „NEW Schuman Declaration - Cross-Generational Conversation about a NEW Europe“ enables young Europeans to look to the future from the perspective of the past and the historical experience of their fathers and grandfathers through presentations, talks, debates, interactive games and the creation of authorial texts. The aim of the project is to promote knowledge of European history and to raise awareness of the transition to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (1990) and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000). Schuman's declaration focused on the combined production of coal and steel because they were used to make weapons. 70 years later, coal is again the mass of negotiations, but now as a danger to the climate and human health. According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, climate change is at the top of the list for the first time. One in three respondents (32%) wants the EP to set the fight against climate change as its highest priority. It ranks first for young people in Poland and Spain, second in Bulgaria and 4th in Greece (№1 is the fight against poverty). Talking to contemporaries of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, the accession of their countries to the EU and the changes in Central and Eastern Europe since 1990, young people will complement the history textbooks with the experiences of "ordinary" people. They will also read the full text of the Schuman Declaration, which everyone has heard of, but few have read. At the end of the conversation, a flash mob was held - against the background of footage from the event in May 1950, the Declaration on the Establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community was read - the first step towards the EU. Attendees perform the Anthem of Europe accompanied by an orchestra / musician. Exactly on May 9 we will announce a competition for essays and drawings "MY DECLARATION OF SCHUMAN". The competition is a model for returning to the "roots", a chance to realize how connected we are, no matter which European country we live in today, that solidarity and movement in a common direction give us strength and perspective. Through the essays of participants from four Member States in the competition, we will gather the thoughts of dozens of young people - the views of the "people of the future" who will work tomorrow in and for the EU. We will unite the strongest messages in them in the final document of the project, which we will provide to the national representations of the EP and the EC and to the MEPs. We rely on an innovative method - the puzzle room "Europe from legend to day", in this case doubly innovative because it is educational in nature. Young volunteers will take part in its creation and dissemination. The competitions in this puzzle room are a way to permanently memorize what has been learned about European history from antiquity through the creation of the European Union to its present state. The final event will be the International Conference in Pleven on May 9, 2022, with a Panel Discussion on "The Schuman Declaration and the Future of the EU". A wide range of participants will be invited to participate in the project - from different generations, positive about the EU, but also Eurosceptics. The online versions of the activities give a chance for students with special educational needs and people with disabilities to participate as well. In all activities we will rely on experienced and new volunteers.

New Declaration of Schumann

Project execution



On May 9 in Pleven Bulgarians, Spaniards and Poles said in one voice "The future of the European Union depends on us"

The final event of the project "New Schuman Declaration - a conversation of generations for a new Europe" has become a real celebration…
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The teams "Hemus" and "Trakia" from DFSG "Intellect" solved the puzzle room in front of guests from Spain and Poland

The last two of all 27 competitions in the specially created puzzle room "Europe - from legend to day" were held on...
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PGEHT "Prof. Asen Zlatarov” joined the challenge with two teams

The next host of the mobile puzzle room "Europe - from legend to day" was the Vocational School of Electronics and Chemical Technology...
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On the Day of Student Self-Government the competitions were held at secondary school "Vasil Aprilov" - Dolna Mitropolia

April 26, 2022 turned out to be an eventful day for the students from secondary school "Vasil Aprilov" - Dolna Mitropolia. The
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A new record was registered by the Green Bulgaria team at the Panayot Pipkov National Educational Institution

On April 15, 2022, competitions were held in the puzzle room "Europe - from legend to day" at the National School...
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The most massive and colorful participation - in the High School Dormitory "Danail Popov"

A privilege for the team of the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation was the work with the Secondary School Dormitory in Pleven. The organization of competitions here has expanded…
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A team of tenth-graders from SU "Ivan Vazov" applied for a record in the competitions

The largest school in the district - SU "Ivan Vazov" is undergoing another major renovation related to the construction of state-of-the-art offices on...
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There was a real race against time at the Language School

Competitors from the Profiled High School for Foreign Languages "Dimitar Dimov" were students from 11th and 12th grade. Provoked by…
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Three sprint competitions at the Sports School "Georgi Benkovski"

Despite the many absentees due to illness, Georgi Benkovski Sports School formed 3 teams, as planned. There were 3…
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The graduates of the Vocational School of Tourism were extremely prepared

Alumni of the Vocational School of Tourism (PGT) "Aleko Konstantinov" - Pleven have extensive experience in projects under the program "Erasmus +", which…
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Announcing an essay and drawing competition "My Declaration of Schumann"

May 9 is Europe Day. On that date in 1950, Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented…
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Webinar in of the 9th High School of Acharnon Menidi

In our desire to explore the knowledge and beliefs of modern teenagers, EU citizens, we have developed together with educational organizations from…
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Meeting of the generations: a conversation about Europe - 70 years in 70 minutes

From February 26 to March 3, 2021 at Diego de Siloe Ilora Secondary School, Granada Spain was…
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Schumann's declaration was read in Polish and in English in Warsaw

20 high school students from Warsaw also got acquainted with the full text of the Schuman Declaration. The declaration was read by two of their…
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AUTOKREACJA announced in Poland Essay and Drawing Contest on "My Schumann Declaration"

An online essay and drawing contest "My Schumann Declaration" has been announced in Poland. The competition is open to all students,…
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Robert Schumann's declaration was read before an organization of Polish Scouts

Robert Schumann's declaration, which underlies the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), was read to Scouts…
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In the Puzzle room "Europe - from legend to nEU" the riddles are from the legend of Zeus and Europe, through the creation of nation-states, the achievements of great minds, the discoveries of scientists and the works of artists, to the turbulent 20th century, which gave birth to the greatest idea - for the unification of the European peoples for the purpose of peaceful existence. There are 12 riddle questions and they are hidden in pictures, maps, boxes, collages, puzzles. Competitors need knowledge of history, geography, literature and music, map orientation and world directions, but above all intelligence and teamwork to win 12 gold stars - as many as they are of the European Union flag and to leave the room in as short a time as possible. The idea, concept and creation of the materials for the puzzle room "Europe - from the legend to nEU " are the work of the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation team. The consultant is Katerina Sasheva Tsenkulovska. The young woman from Pleven is the author and organizer of the first and so far the only mobile educational puzzle room in our country, which she realized 5 years ago in her hometown. Leaving the room symbolic because the space it doesn't lock. The only padlock has a code that is obtained when two identical digits are added between the digits showing the number of current member states to obtain the year of Bulgaria's admission to the European Union. The puzzle related to the Anthem of Europe is very emotional, because in addition to finding the notes of the Ode to Joy, the contestants are challenged to play or sing it. Leaving the puzzle room leads young people to an open, inclusive and more democratic Europe. They show their knowledge about the European Union and learn new, important and curious facts.





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