A team of tenth-graders from SU "Ivan Vazov" applied for a record in the competitions

The largest school in the district - Sofia University "Ivan Vazov" is undergoing another major renovation related to the construction of state-of-the-art classrooms in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. This created logistical difficulties in finding a room for the competitions on Monday, March 28. But this problem was quickly solved by history teacher Goran Deliev, with the help of school principal Dimitar Mitev.
Alexandra Koncharska, a volunteer at the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation from the 12th grade, also assisted in conducting the competitions.
The highly motivated X grade students, prepared by Mr. Deliev, had formed 3 teams - two of four and one of five competitors. They all showed awareness and resourcefulness, solving puzzles faster and faster. The first team - in 18, the second - in 17 minutes, and the all-boys team consisting of Radoslav Hristov, Tihomir Ninov, Alexander Moskov, Kiril Tanov and Krassimir Yanev achieved a time of 15 minutes. This is the current record and the team is a contender for a special award, which will be presented at the final event of the project - International Meeting and Radio Campaign, which will take place in Pleven on May 9, 2022.