On the Day of Student Self-Government the competitions were held at secondary school "Vasil Aprilov" - Dolna Mitropolia

April 26, 2022 turned out to be an eventful day for the students from secondary school "Vasil Aprilov" - Dolna Mitropolia. The traditional Day of Student Self-Government was held at the school and before the team of the Modern Pleven Media Foundation met with the principal Tsvetanka Miteva we met the student - principal for one day, Petar Nikolov.
That Peter is a true leader and knows a lot became clear during one of the two competitions at the school, as he was among the five competitors in the second team with 4 girls. In the first competition another of the boys appeared - Gabriel Sulla. But the equal participation of all competitors made a strong impression. Here are the names of the others - Krassimira, Daniel, Alejandro and Norma from the first team and Veselina, Ivanka, Denislava and Emilia from the second.
The credit for the preparation of the students goes to their teachers Temenuzhka Todorova and Natalia Braikova. Both competitions were attended by the professor of geography and economics Zahari Zamfirov, who was very excited about whether his graduates will cope with the orientation on a map and the directions of the world.
Both teams achieved an excellent time - 17 minutes and 16.5 minutes. And for singing the Anthem of Europe, with desire and pleasure, everyone received awards.
Special thanks were given to the Deputy Director of secondary school "Vasil Aprilov", Daniel Angelov, who took to heart the idea of a puzzle room and organized the preparation and conduct of competitions in a short time.