Webinar in of the 9th High School of Acharnon Menidi

Wanting to explore the knowledge and beliefs of contemporary teenagers, citizens of the EU, we have developed together with educational organisations from Spain, Bulgaria and Poland, the European project "New Schuman Declaration – Cross Generational Conversation about a NEW Europe".
In this context, we successfully conducted two webinars for students of the 9th High School of Acharnon Menidi. The aim of the webinar was for the children to learn the history of the establishment of the ECSC and later the EEC and the EU, and to familiarize themselves with the text of Schuman's declaration itself.

Then we asked the teenagers to express their thoughts and possibly criticise the principles and way the EU works. After completing the training, which lasted a total of 2 hours, the students were then announced and encouraged to participate in the essay competition "My Schuman Declaration", where they were invited to create their own version reflecting their concerns and vision for the future of Europe in relation to the Schuman Declaration.
For symbolic reasons, we announced that activity on 9 May, the day on which Schuman made his declaration, too.