Meeting of the generations: a conversation about Europe - 70 years in 70 minutes

From February 26 to March 3, 2021, a meeting of generations: a conversation about Europe - 70 years in 70 minutes was held at Diego de Siloe Ilora Secondary School, Granada Spain. Out of a total of 74 participating students, 15 were students with special educational needs/disabilities.
The debate was organized on March 3, 2021, and two of the preparatory days with young people, on February 26 and March 2, coincided with the celebration of the week of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia. Talks and a closing conference were held with a screening and debate among the students, with each group led by an adult.

A lecture was organized, at the end of which a video film "ELBLAG, the restored city" was shown - how it was destroyed and how it is now restored with funding from European funds. The participants shared that they could not imagine so much destruction and identified peace as the most important goal for Robert Schumann.

A final conference is organized, dividing the 50 young people into several classrooms, with security measures in place, and at the end the groups gather for a photo moment.
Along with the on-site attendees, there were online participants connected via the internet – adults and two young people (sick at the time).