The teams "Hemus" and "Trakia" from DFSG "Intellect" solved the puzzle room in front of guests from Spain and Poland

The last two of all 27 competitions in the specially created puzzle room "Europe - from legend to dnES" were held on the morning of May 9 in DFSG "Intellect" - Pleven. The difference this time was the presence of foreign guests - partners in the project "New Declaration of Schumann" from Spain and Poland. For them, for the deputy director Mihaela Karamfilova and the teacher at the high school Sevinch Alieva, who prepared the competitors, the experience was curious, different and very emotional. The students from both teams - "Hemus" and "Trakia" did a great job of challenging the puzzle room. They solved the 12 riddles in 15 minutes and 40 seconds and 17.5 minutes, respectively.
Leaving the room is symbolic because it does not lock. The only padlock has a code that is obtained when two identical numbers are added between the numbers showing the number of the current Member States in order to obtain the year of Bulgaria's accession to the European Union. And at Intellect High School, like all their peers in previous competitions, they gave the right answer to this question. The mystery of the European Anthem was also very emotional, because in addition to finding the notes of "Ode to Joy", the contestants were challenged to play or sing it.
Thus, going through the puzzle room took young people to an open, inclusive and more democratic Europe. They showed their knowledge of the European Union and learned new, important and interesting facts.
The team of DFSG "Intellect" will apply by participating in the puzzle room "Europe - from legend to day" in a competition of the Center for Human Resources Development for the most creative event or campaign on the occasion of Europe Day 2022.