A new record was registered by the Green Bulgaria team at the Panayot Pipkov National Educational Institution

On April 15, 2022, competitions were held in the puzzle room "Europe - from legend to day" at the National School of Arts (NSI) "Panayot Pipkov". For the second time, the school is hosting an activity under the project "New Schuman Declaration - a conversation of generations about NEW Europe". It was here, in the concert hall "Bozhko Shoikov" in April 2021 that the first Meeting of Generations and a flash mob with the performance of "Ode to Joy" took place. What was really pleasing for the team of the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation was the fact that the teams that took part in the puzzle room competitions had students who participated in the first event. And more importantly, they remembered well what they learned from the conversation entitled "70 years in 70 minutes."
The teams of 5 people chose names - "Bulgarian Rose" and "Green Bulgaria". The competitors were from 9th, 10th and 11th grade and from different specialties - musicians, artists, dancers. The common denominator was the great ambition to thei perform excellently. Both teams succeeded. From "Bulgarian Rose" they sang the Anthem of Europe as a professional choir and with a wonderful musical accompaniment on piano. They solved the 12 puzzles in the puzzle room in 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Even faster were their classmates from the second team - "Green Bulgaria", who set the current record in the competition - 14.5 minutes.
The director of NSEI "Panayot Pipkov", Rumen Todorov welcomed two team and wished success to the competition. Teachers Evgenia Yaneva and Snezha Danova are responsible for the excellent preparation of the students.